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探索 are an integral part of our upper school experience. Each semester students select from a wide variety of project-based electives. Each subject is deeply rooted in developing skills our students will need to thrive in the 21st Century such as creativity, collaboration and communication. Some examples below:

年鉴》: Students have been working diligently on getting organized and designing this year's very special yearbook commemorating Sea Crest's 25th Anniversary!


音乐: Students participating in this class are performing (lead roles and ensemble) in our Spring 音乐的 this year: The Little Mermaid, Jr.!

Photo Courtesy of the Yearbook Students

LEGO 机器人: This course provides an introduction to robotics for students with no programming background using LEGO 机器人 kits. They are learning to construct, 控制, and program these robots through investigative and exploration activities. Research projects are exposing the students to the engineering process.


Students are exploring  the Art of 摄影 and having a blast in the process! They are learning how to compose images beautifully and how cameras truly work. 



More than just a game, chess provides many benefits beyond academics. Chess provides a tactical mindset that leads to knowledgeable, 思想家, communicators, 开放的, 有爱心的, 冒险者, 平衡, and reflective. Whether they win, draw, or lose there is always an opportunity to learn and improve.

Photo Courtesy of the Yearbook Students


Students participating in this class are passionate about the environment and want to affect change in their own community.
They are collaborating with fellow Earth Heroes to reduce our carbon footprint and champion environmental issues in our school and local community.

-the action of leading a group of people or an organization.
-the state or position of being a leader.

This year’s leadership class is embarking on a journey of being
leaders of the Sea Crest community. Whether it is with school dances, 程序集, 灵天, or at athletic events, leadership has a part in all the fun and engaging activities happening. 



How can art communicate and connect a community? Students are exploring the elements of street art by analyzing and designing street art pieces. Students are experimenting with graffiti, 贴纸, 模板, 漫画, and murals to produce personal and collaborative pieces that deliver a message or create an experience.

Dramatic Science:
Students got to choose, research, design and carry out a dramatic science demo! They are learning the chemistry or physics behind their demo, and designing the best way to safely wow their peers with both exciting spectacle and impressive knowledge.

Broadcast Journalism: Students started a Sea Crest television station. They are creating stories, reporting on the weather and sports, all the happenings at school, and then broadcasting it to the school and to parents.

Percussion Ensemble:
Students are learning and performing music from multiple genres and around the world in the context of a percussion ensemble. They are playing together as a group and building on many of the things they learned in 5th grade foundations.  They having fun... and it's also loud!

Over the years, some of the explorations offered: 

  • Advanced Coding
  • Architectural Modeling
  • Creative Writing
  • 编排
  • Digital 音乐的 Ensemble Fusion
  • Digital Turtle Art
  • Drawing and Painting
  • 电影制作
  • Furniture Making
  • 游戏设计 & 编程
  • JK-K Teaching Assistants
  • 领导
  • 音乐的
  • 独幕剧
  • 摄影
  • 版画
  • Product Modeling
  • Puzzle Box Escape Room
  • 机器人
  • 雕刻
  • 集设计
  • Sewing Appeal
  • 歌曲制作
  • 玩具制造
  • 木雕